Native English Teachers Only

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1.Full time job.Need 1 AP course native speaker,needed in senior high school,native speakers only Salary range: 18K-23k  ,Negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. Location:5 km from nanlian metro station line 3 longgang Shenzhen Guangdong, Position: AP math ,APphysics teacher start: August 19 work hours:7:45-12:00,2:00-6:00pm,no more than 20 classes, each class 45mins free apartment (two bedroom apartment)and … Continue reading Native English Teachers Only

Guangzhou Panyu full time teaching

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A center in Panyu Guangzhou needs a fulltime English teacher Students age:3~12 years old Salary: 16000~20000, apartment and meals provided Location: Pany Agile and Vanke Opals, near Yuangang mtr station, line 7 Requirement: Caucasian, native English speaker experienced in teaching kids. If interested, pls contact wechat13710636352

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White Monkey Jobs in China

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White Monkey Jobs in China You need VPN to access this For more job info follow the below links Foreign Kindergarten Teacher in China English Teacher job in China    


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Tips for an interview in China Without good preparation it is difficult to successfully complete an interview in China. You should not only be familiar with the rules concerning behavior and politeness, but also be informed of the questions common in a Chinese interview. Oftentimes, success in interviews depends on the details. The competition is … Continue reading Interviews-in-china-are-not-unlike-those-in-europe

How Telephonic Interviews are Conducted? Short Tips: Telephonic interviews happens mostly for a short amount of time. Generally, it happens for around 30-45 minutes. Sometimes when the job level requires more judging it goes for hours together. The very first step the interviewer would expect is to pick up the call as fixed through an … Continue reading Top 10 Telephone Interview Questions and Answers for you job

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