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Jobs in Fujian for Expats

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Jobs in Fujian for Expats Job Description 1. Teaching ESL— English as a Second Language 2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development 3. Supervising tests and exams and giving level tests. 4. Assisting with administration including intake and placement of students and recording their attendance. 5. Counseling students. 6. Participating in the … Continue reading Jobs in Fujian for Expats

Guangzhou Panyu full time teaching

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A center in Panyu Guangzhou needs a fulltime English teacher Students age:3~12 years old Salary: 16000~20000, apartment and meals provided Location: Pany Agile and Vanke Opals, near Yuangang mtr station, line 7 Requirement: Caucasian, native English speaker experienced in teaching kids. If interested, pls contact wechat13710636352


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Tips for an interview in China Without good preparation it is difficult to successfully complete an interview in China. You should not only be familiar with the rules concerning behavior and politeness, but also be informed of the questions common in a Chinese interview. Oftentimes, success in interviews depends on the details. The competition is … Continue reading Interviews-in-china-are-not-unlike-those-in-europe

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